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NIS At a Glance

Since our inauguration in 1999, NIS is proud to be a part of building future leaders by encouraging Independent Study, Group Cooperation, and Interactive Process through our student centered classrooms. Our students have access to our state of the art learning system, AEP, as they utilize this technology as their text book for classwork and homework. With our selection of 7 different schools on 3 campuses, NIS is a wise choice for parents seeking convenient location, modern facilities, and excellent education for their children. As a leader in the education field, we provide students with a progressive and challenging environment to grow to their fullest potential. In May of 2013, NIS received the ISO International Standard. In 2018, NIS was proud to host the AdvancEd conference which is the most prestigious certification program for the American system of education around the world. With these accomplishments, NIS continues to flourish as a leader in International Education in Egypt.

Student Enrolled

At NIS, student enrollment is factored alongside student-teacher ratios. Over the years, we have expanded classes and inaugurated entire campuses. However, all this was done in relation to said ratio, as measured by international standards of a best-practice environment.


Our highly qualified staff is comprised of diverse educators that share common educational goals. Upon contracting with NIS, each staff member is immediately enrolled in the NIS Training Academy, whereby they receive instruction in the areas of: Cooperative Learning, Online Structuring of AEP, Lesson Plan Development, Flipped Classroom methodology, and so much more.

2018/2019 Applicants

NIS is not a one-size-fits-all school. A student's or teacher's success at NIS is dependent on their competency skills and their overall mindset. For this reason, the application and interview processes are specifically designed to select students and staff that are a best-fit for NIS.

Acceptance Rate

Needless to say, NIS is a highly competitive school. We aim to develop future citizens that are digitally successful, globally aware, and proud of their national heritage. We achieve our goal by bringing together diverse people that share like-minded goals.


First Settlment

American, National English, National French


American, National English, British

Nasr City

National English, British


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