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Egypt Pride

Egypt isn’t just the name of our country, it’s our heritage and hopes and dreams; our “turath”. Every grain of desert sand, every drop of Nile water, every mortal soul fortunate enough to see past the grit and grime speaks and attests to the wealth of Egypt.
From our educators to Top Management, we are a community of loving patriots, each created in our own diversity. When it comes to Egypt, we are one hand, one heart, one goal: To re-build our great nation.
At a time when gas and food prices are soaring and news footage of fire and bloodshed blusters into our living room we contemplate: it’s ten p.m., where are our children? For today’s Egyptian youth, how many of them understand why they salute the flag in the morning? More so, how many appreciate what they’re doing?
Modeling the practice of true educational leadership, our Deputy CEO, Mr. Mohamed Abdelatif, and our Operations director, Mr. Khaled Kamel, delivered a highly motivational lecture to our high school students on what it means to be Egyptian.

Egypt; we smile For you Horus Make our yellow sands gold Since days of old Fares-Man on his strong horse Hoof prints; deserts form whisper lost secrets to Isis, Osiris, and Set Can you hear them now? Egypt; we laugh away Trouble deaf drunk down with tea It’s free On every street corner; we smile Our indication Is invitation cause our doors are open to hearts are open to Egypt; we smile We blaze sultry fire Adorn ourselves with Sweet scented Desire. We carry the secrets of Isis and Osiris And Set Can you hear them now?

Our NIS students were very excited as they greeted their Egyptian president Abdel Fatah El Sisi and the Russian president Vladimir Putin. “Putin, Putin, Sisi, Sisi, and long live Egypt.” The students chanted inside the capital’s Qubbah presidential palace.

NIS students had the honor of being part of the official reception party for the Chinese President Xi Jinping when he visited Kasr Al – Kubba on Thursday January 21st. President AbdelFattah Al-Sisi stopped to say good morning to our students and complimented them before going to greet the Chinese President. Our students proudly and patiently waited next to the red carpet for their presidents to return. Upon their return, the two presidents were given a warm Egyptian welcome, complete with Chinese flags and tens of smiling and cheering NIS students.

We are proud of our students who performed in front of Egyptian and foreign dignitaries during the ceremony celebrating the inauguration of the New Suez Canal.

For the love of our Egypt and all she ever was and all she will be. For the love of our people, our children, and the army that stands as our backs to all storms…
We didn’t sing a song for them.. we sang their song.
At a surprise performance on a cold autumn morning, the middle school students at NIS united their voices and raised them up high alongside the waving flag of red, white, black and gold. They sang the song of our army.
The nasheed in which each soldier pledges to “Paint the face of the nation on their hearts”. On this day, this day unmarked by any holiday, this random autumn morning, we echoed their song.
Because on each and every day, they carry us in their hearts and veins….
For all they do for us, we will, in turn, paint the face of these soldiers in our hearts, forever.