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Homework Regulation

  1. Frequency of Homework
Course Contact Sessions Per Week Minimum # of HW Assignments
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 3
5 3
6 3

a)      Following a timeline, a teacher is expected to assess a student at a frequency depending on the course contact sessions per week. Please consult the table above for expected frequency of assignments;

b)      The lowest homework assignment may be eliminated from the homework average, at the teacher’s discretion, if more than fifteen (15) assignments are given; and

c)      Teachers may use a variety of tools, extending, but not limited to: research, workbook pages, academic papers, mathematics problems, journals, and posters.

  1. Planning for Homework:

a)      All Homework for each academic week must be uploaded to LMS by 9:00 a.m. each Sunday;

b)      All Homework “cut-off” dates on LMS must equal the due date; and

c)      The maximum duration of any Homework assignment is seven (7) days from the day it is assigned, with the exception of: a) Performance Tasks (long-term projects) and b) Academic Papers;

  1. Grading and Late Homework:

a)      All assignments must be graded (with informative feedback) and recorded in the LMS Grade-book by a maximum of seven (7) days after the due date;

b)      Every Thursday, each teacher/HOD must notify his/her corresponding Division Supervisor with a list of all students who failed to submit any due assignment for the preceding week (up until midnight on Wednesday). DSs must be notified by 10:00 a.m.;

c)      Every Thursday, DSs must notify the parents/guardians of students who failed to submit due Homework of the preceding week, that their child will be required to stay after school on the following Monday to work and submit the missing homework. Failure to sit after school on Monday and submit the missing homework will result in an irrevocable zero (0) for the work;

d)     Students can only achieve up to 70% credit on any late assignment (submitted past the due date).

  • Note: In the event that a parent commits to supervising their child in the completion of the work over the weekend, the assignments will be accepted (with the maximum of 70% credit late clause) on Sunday. In the event that the student, indeed, completes and submits each and every missing assignment, s/he will not be required to stay after school the following day and is at liberty to go home.
  • Note: Middle and HS Divisions: Students who accumulate a total of three (3) incomplete and/or zeros during a nine week period, then a parent teacher conference will be scheduled. Furthermore, if a student repeatedly does not complete his/her homework, then he/she may be subject to in-school suspension.