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RYSMUN 2014 – Copenhagen, Denmark.

RYSMUN 2014 is Rysensteen Gymnasium’s Third Annual Model United Nations Conference and its first time to host an international conference, boasting more than 300 delegates representing six different countries. From among the 300 delegates, ours were the only ones participating from the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Out of the 300 international delegates, it was our Sophomore, Zeina Mohamed, who received the title and award of RYSMUN 2014: Best Delegate. Not only was Zeina well-studied and researched, but she passionately represented two different countries at the conference.

The structure of RYSMUN includes:
• Disarmament and International Security;
• United Nations Human Rights Council;
• Security Council;
• Special Politics; and
• The United Nations Environment Program.
When our NIS delegates presented their work, their words commanded the attention of all other attendees. They were well prepared to present on behalf of their assigned countries and handled their topics with wisdom and confidence.
“Well argued debates with positive discussions,” lent them the respect and admiration of their audience.