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Dr. Nermien Ismail


Dr. Nermine Ismail is a renowned educator with more than 40 years’ experience in Educational Management. She holds broad-based expertise in operations, finance and business development of academic programs.

Dr. Ismail is widely recognized among her peers as a leader focused on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive environment that demands continuous improvement.

She holds a M.A in Education and Child Psychology and a PH.D in Business Development and in 1993, she founded Future Language Schools.

In 1999 she dissolved her partnership with Futures Schools and opened the International Schools of Egypt 2000 with a clear aim: to be recognized as a premium school in Egypt. In 2003, she renamed the Schools Dr. Nermine Ismail Schools.

As an expert in the field, Dr. Ismail writes extensively on Education in Egypt and has authored a number of different books. Supervision in the ClassroomHow to be Successful in Life and Students’ guide to Homework, are some of her titles.

She functions as a Board Member, Chairperson and General Secretary of a number of institutions, associations and organizations inside and outside of Egypt.

Her comprehensive world travels have paved the way to the acquisition of a multitude of techniques and leadership development skills that contributed to the success of her institution.
One of Dr. Ismail’s chief attributes as a leader was her capability of inspiring people, regardless of seemingly ominous circumstances.

The source of this inspiration was her character.  She continually demonstrated enthusiasm, determination, and optimism. While her insight was a critical component of her leadership, there was another factor that elevated all of her talents to the forefront:  her passion.  Dr. Ismail possessed a passion for improving education, allowing her to be an effective spokeswoman and leader in the field. An integral component of her remarkable formula for success was her composed personality.  This, coupled with persistent determination, is a personality that is capable of radiating charm and wit.

Currently, Dr. Ismail is the CEO of NIS. She is the mother of two successful businessmen and a grandmother to eight children; some that attend her schools in Egypt and some that are in schools and universities in Egypt and the USA.

Dr. Mohamed Abdellatif


Mohamed Abdel Latif is a leading expert in the field of private education in Egypt.He is the younger of two sons born in Cairo, Egypt, to Dr. Nermien Ismail and Dr. Ahmed Ramadan. Latif is grandson to the late Minister of Defense, Field Marshal Ahmed Ismail Ali.It was hislong honored family lineage that infused Latif’s upbringing with a keen sense of national pride and civic duty.

As a young student, Latif was exposed to various systems of education, having attained his primary education in Egypt and later graduating Williamsville South High School in Buffalo, NY. In 1994, Latif earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Tourism from Helwan University.

Since childhood, Latif has long been fascinated with the international culture in Egypt as well as the country’s ancient architecture and rich heritage. Mirroring this fascination was his deep-rooted desire to see Egypt become a leading competitor in the international community.

In the years to follow, Latif embarked on an epic journey of world travel which spanned the course of eight years; five continents, 58 schools, 37 training sessions and eight conferences. Latif often refers to these years of his life as the ones dedicated to“research, professional development and self-refinement.”

Among his extensive training, Latif visited the leading schools in Denmark and the Ran Dietrich schools in Germany in 2009. In 2011 and 2012, he participated in the Project Estimating, Measures and Controls and the Managing and Leading Teams workshops at George Mason University, in Virginia State.

Later in 2012, Latif received his Master’s degree in Business Development from Lawrence University and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for his outstanding academic contributions to the institution. Latif was also the recipient of the Virginia Education Solution Award along with a Certificate of Recognition for “outstanding commitment to excellence”.

More recently, in 2013, Latif has focused his professional development at Harvard University and Wharton Business School. At Harvard, Latif was awarded a certificate of excellence for his participation in the lauded workshop Leading Yourself and Leading Others.During this time, his professional network expanded to include educational icons such as Salman Khan and Sir Ken Robinson. In early 2014, Latif was awarded his Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Business Administration from Cardiff City University in Washington with an outstanding dissertation focusing on Education reform.

The fruits of his long years of study and research can be seen today within the construct and further development of the NIS schools. In his capacity as Deputy CEO of NIS, Latif has overseen the development of blue prints of a cutting edge triangulated system that would transition the institution from a mainstream school, to a leading competitor in the international private education market.

It began in 2005 with the introduction of Smartboards in every classroom. Following that, was the establishment of an online Curriculum Mapping System; whereby every course in every class at every stage level was aligned to the necessary standards and benchmarks following the academic time-line. Paralleling the CMS, was the Student Information System which exists today as anonline storage facility necessary for monitoring all student information.

The cornerstone and major project of his triangulated system was pioneered in 2012 when Latif oversaw the construct of the NIS Learning Management System. In seven months, 10 academic deans, 70 head of departments and 350 staff members collaborated with a state of the art IT team to gather all the digital resources aligned to the Curriculum Mapping System and created Egypt’s first online, digital data base of resources and assessments making it possible to shift the entire NIS community to a 21st Century digital learning community.  The LMS was launched in January of 2013 and exists as the only one of its kind.

Today, Latif aspires to contribute to a future of nationalistic, respectful and morally conscious society who is educated through best practice, student-centered methods. He retains his position as Deputy CEO of NIS in addition to functioning as a Board Member at Virginia Educational Solutions and Egypt 2000 Group. He additionally serves as the Managing Director of Advanced Education. Latif is currently authoring a book, The Model Leader, about the life and practice of the Prophet Muhammad, who in 1978 was ranked No. 1 by author Michael H. Hart in his book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History.

Latif is a model example of a dedicated family man. He is husband to one of Egypt’s most successful school leaders, and the proud father of two outstanding children. The eldest is currently attending George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA. The younger is a prime NIS student, currently studying in the 11th Grade.His family exists as a central focal component that fuels his passion towards his country, his people, and his civic and professional responsibilities.

Mr. Khaled Kamel

Operations Director

Khaled Kamel is a model international citizen and legendary icon in Egyptian Sports history. In the face of his international upbringing and world travels that span across 6 continents and more than 20 countries, Kamel always holds to that he was born a patriot and was raised as one.
During his high school career, Kamel strengthened his foundation as an athlete. In 1985, he drove in the Safari Rally, and climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro the following year. He visited many of the distinguished International Schools in Africa including IS Nairobi, IS Johannesburg, IS Abidjan and IS Harare. Khaled later graduated from the International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania in 1986, having earned the title of Best All-Around Athlete for IST.
Later, Kamel returned to Egypt, and in 1992 graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University. Meanwhile, at age 18, he had started his career in athletics specializing in Professional Football. His lauded career as a football player spanned 13 glorious years and rendered his name to be forever celebrated as part of Egyptian Sports history.
In 1993, Khaled represented Egypt in the Military World Cup, Morocco, earning the coveted Gold Medal. It was his career as a professional athlete that developed his keen sense and skills of teamwork and team leadership.
Upon his retirement from professional sports, Kamel explored a new career in International Affairs, working for Egypt Air and Henkel KGA. He began to attend numerous national and international workshops targeting management and leadership.
In time, he began to focus on the educational condition enveloping the overall Egyptian society. Kamel joined the NIS community in 2006 as Facilities Manager. His refined skills allowed him to quickly target and strengthen different areas boosting the overall productivity of the institution. Kamel’‚€‚™s charming mannerism, charisma, and overall efficiency forged a bond of trust between him and the community as a whole.
In 2011, Kamel was promoted to serve NIS as its Operations director. Today he lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. He’s married to an outstanding lady and is the proud father of two adorable children; both attending NIS. When asked about what drives him, Kamel states that he has always lived by a wise saying of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Kamel strives to give the very best part of himself to his family, community, and country. Apart from his quality time with family and working at NIS, Kamel’™s favorite time is spent in deep sea fishing, diving, desert camping and, above all, playing the beautiful game; football.

Ms. Soad AlMallah

National English School and French School Director

1st Settlement

Dr. Fadia Atef

International Schools Superintendent

Fadia Atef is an accomplished Egyptian woman raised in Ames, Iowa. At the age of 13, Atef returned to her homeland of Alexandria where she graduated high school and joined the University of Alexandria. Atef graduated in 1995 with a BA in Fine Arts and, in time, attained national recognition as one of Egypt’s leading interior designers.


It wasn’t that long before Atef shifted her focus to the field of Education. She attained her qualifications in 2011, graduating with a Master’s of Education in International Education from the American International College in Massachusetts, with a focus on Administrative School Leadership.


During her 17 years in the field, Atef served in the capacity of vice-principal for four years and has overseen eight graduating classes. Her cross-cultural experience in both the U.S. and Egypt provided her with the necessary understanding of the social foundations of education; integral to the success of operating a hybrid American system school in Egypt. Atef is currently working on her Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ

Ms. Moushira Assem

National English School Director (Sherouk)

Moushira Assem is an educator and administrator at NIS boasting an impressive 28 years of experience in the field of education. In 1982, Assem joined the English Department in the Faculty of Arts and later obtained a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language from the American University in Cairo.

Assem started her career as a teacher of English for the Secondary stage in an English School, and was later promoted to Head of Department. She witnessed many generations graduate and follow very successful and distinguished life careers.

In 1999, Assem joined the NIS community as a Consultant of English Language. Six months later, she was nominated as the Division Supervisor of the Primary Stage. The following year, she moved back to the Secondary stage in the capacity of Deputy Division Supervisor, and soon afterwards she was appointed as Division Supervisor of the Secondary Stage. Moreover, she coordinated the IGCSE Department for two years in the Nasr City Campus.

Assem is counted among the many esteemed personnel that laid the cornerstones of NIS 1st Settlement campus. Her continued hard work and enthusiasm backed her election to lead as the SAT Center Supervisor at NIS. Through professionalism and efficiency, the NIS SAT Testing Center grew to accommodate a higher numbers of test-takers which led to the establishment of a second test center in the same campus.

Assem believes in refinement as an approach through which one should lead a school. She is a mother of two lovely daughters.  She supported their academic development over the years which resulted in their acquisition of an MBA and MA. She is also the grandmother of the charming “Saleem”.

Ms. Fatma Hamza

National English School Director (Nasrcity)

Nasr city

Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif

Operations Manager