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We Belong

Pending Sub Title From NIS

For the love of our Egypt and all she ever was and all she will be. For the love of our people, our children, and the army that stands as our backs to all storms…
We didn’t sing a song for them.. we sang their song.
At a surprise performance on a cold autumn morning, the middle school students at NIS united their voices and raised them up high alongside the waving flag of red, white, black and gold. They sang the song of our army.
The nasheed in which each soldier pledges to “Paint the face of the nation on their hearts”. On this day, this day unmarked by any holiday, this random autumn morning, we echoed their song.
Because on each and every day, they carry us in their hearts and veins….
For all they do for us, we will, in turn, paint the face of these soldiers in our hearts, forever.